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Make it a roast to remember

In 2019 an estimated 447,115 Australians are living with dementia, the second leading cause of death in our country.

In response to these alarming figures, leading not-for-profit community-based organisation Community Vision developed A Roast to Remember.

A Roast to Remember arose from the need to support and educate those living with and affected by dementia.
A roast is a quintessential traditional meal that evokes family memories, something really important to those living with dementia.

In our first year (2018), we raised enough funds to purchase our community’s very first dementia bus. This is a major achievement and we couldn’t have done it without your support!

The community dementia bus will provide desperately needed respite to dementia carers, provide support and access to new technology for those living with dementia and bring vital education into schools.

Now we’re raising more funds to fit out the bus, provide the staff needed to man the bus and take it to where it’s needed most.

To raise these funds, Community Vision is inviting the whole community to participate in A Roast to Remember.

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All funds raised go towards the community dementia bus.

In our first year (2018), we raised enough money to purchase our community’s very first dementia bus. With the dream of the community dementia bus now a reality, we are raising enough money to fit out the bus, to purchase advanced technology for the bus and to hire the two staff required to service it. We aim to visit a minimum of two locations each week covering metro, regional and rural WA.

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