About us

Community Vision is a not-for-profit community-based organisation established in July 2001 to provide services to people of all ages and abilities. We primarily offer Home Care, Disability and Family Day Care service programs to those residing in Perth.

These programs help Community Vision to create a stronger and better-connected community.  We aim to be a trusted service provider and set the benchmark in community care. We want to improve the lives of people during times of vulnerability by filling the gaps modern communities no longer fill.

Community Vision’s culture, business and services demonstrate a passion for accountability and excellence in supporting people to live their life, their way.

Support our A Roast to Remember campaign to raise awareness and funds for those living with dementia, spearheaded by our travelling community dementia bus.

The community dementia bus will provide transportable educational services, desperately needed respite to dementia carers, support and access to new technology for those living with dementia and vital dementia education for schools.

For more information visit the Community Vision website.