How To Fundraise At Your Event

Step 1: Create Your Online Fundraising Page And Set A Goal

An online page makes it easy for as many people as possible to contribute. Guests at your event can contribute ahead of time (or after!), while even those not attending your event can still donate. (While an online page is vital, it’s good to still have a collection box at your event for those looking to donate on the actual day.) 

Think about how much you’d like to fundraise, and what an achievable target is. Having a goal can help spur on your fundraising efforts, and give others an indication of how much to donate.

Step 2: Donate First Then Ask Others To Join You

Give your campaign some instant momentum by being the first to donate to your campaign. Then ask others to join you! Thanks to social media, like Facebook and Instagram, you can reach a lot of people with your message. Group emails are also a great way to attract donations.

Remember that people are busy and may not always donate the first time. Enjoy sharing the progress of your fundraising across your social networks, as this can prompt people to donate if they haven’t already.

It’s also very worthwhile asking your employer if they will match your fundraising efforts – they might just surprise you with their generosity! Donate now for dementia.

Step 3: Boost Your Event

While the roast meal will be the highlight of your event, it can be a lot of fun to throw some fun and games into the mix. These activities can give your fundraising efforts a big boost. Think about incorporating a raffle, a card game or even some two-up! Talk to local businesses in your area about donating prizes.

Step 4: Don’t Forget The Big Picture

The Community Vision A Roast to Remember is all about raising vital awareness and support for those people living with dementia. See our website for useful information to discuss that will help tell the story of those living with dementia, and why your event is so important.