A Roast to Remember is a powerful vehicle that everyone can relate to and take part in without too much effort. It’s all about the community coming together, sharing food, lifting spirits and making a difference.

September celebrates the start of Spring and all it encompasses. The food, the flowers, even the fashion. The heart-warming universal aroma of delicious roasted Spring lamb, hearty roast beef, golden crisp-skinned Spring chicken and the crunch of pork crackling.

Set the scene for your roast remembering we eat with our eyes too. Vibrantly coloured flowers on the table (avoiding red and purple as they can be difficult colours to differentiate if you are living with dementia and your vision is compromised by the disorders affecting the brain), a beautiful table cloth, fragrant bunches of herbs and lavender that engage the sense of smell conjuring up so many memories.

Pumpkin, parsnips, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes, the tablecloth, tableware, glasses and candles can all reflect the symbolism of A Roast to Remember. And guests can also dress in these colours. Make it as simple or as lavish as you wish.

A Roast to Remember is simply a matter of inviting friends and/or family to a meal, serving a roast and raising funds. And if you are not a meat eater, roast a whole fish or simply enjoy a plate of your favourite roast veggies and gravy.

Everyone comes together for a family roast. Why not make it even more special by participating in the A Roast to Remember movement?

Share a roast for dementia


Calling all event hosts!

On behalf of everyone living with dementia, thank you so much for supporting our cause by hosting A Roast To Remember.

The vital funds you’ve raised can help so many people. And by depositing the funds raised at your event by 31st December 2018, the top three donors will win big!

Keep an eye on our social media pages and website for exciting forthcoming prize details.