Rayne Bryant’s roast chicken recipe: Share A Roast to Remember to help people with dementia

THE callout is on for people to share their family’s traditional roast recipes as part of a campaign to raise awareness of dementia, based on the principle that the smell of a delicious roast can help with memory recall.

West Australian service and support organisation Community Vision has set an ambitious target of raising $250,000 by December, which will pay a dementia bus to carry all the tools, equipment and therapy information to help the thousands who care for a loved one with dementia.

Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia behind heart disease.

It can also take away a significant amount of quality of life, from people with the condition and those people who care for loved ones.

Which is why organisers of the A Roast to Remember campaign believe there is significant value in encouraging people to get together and create a memorable experience over a roast.

Today, Rayne Bryant (formerly Embley) shares her recipe for a simple, yet sure-fire sensational, family feast.

Rayne’s recipe is in the running to be included in a fundraising book of recipes that will further support the A Roast to Remember campaign.

Source: Community News