Terms and Conditions


Content on this website has been created by the staff at Community Vision and is relevant at this time. The website will be regularly monitored and updated to reflect any new policies, changes in statistics and new information.

Community Vision provides links to other organisations that are not under its control. Community Vision is not responsible for the contents of any linked website.

Once your fundraising activity has been registered, there are some ways we may be able to help you

• Provide a letter of authority to show that your event is genuine
• A thank you card once your fundraiser is finished to acknowledge your support (link to thank you card)

Please note, Community Vision will not be providing

• Funds or reimbursement for any expenses incurred.
• Community Vision staff to help coordinate or run the event itself.
• Prizes, auction or raffle items.
• Any other general assistance in organising or marketing your event.

Your Responsibilities as a Fundraiser

Any person, organisation or group who decides to fundraise for Community Vision must accept the following responsibilities:

• Community Vision must receive your completed event registration form before commencing your fundraising activity.
• Community Vision takes no responsibility for any event held on behalf of A Roast to Remember. The event is to be held at the fundraisers’ own risk.
• The name, logos, website have been created by Community Vision for the special fundraiser A Roast to Remember and cannot be copied
• You must comply with any obligations under the Charitable Fundraising Act and state regulations. Any necessary permits or licences to fundraise must be secured by you.
• You need to ensure a safe event, including appropriate public liability insurance, and providing first aid services if required.
• All funds raised must be received by 30th June 2019.
• You must not employ the use of unsolicited telemarketing, door-to-door collections or street appeals in connection with your event.
• Children under the age of 16 must have parental consent when undertaking a fundraising event.
• You must inform us of any prior or current criminal convictions. These will not necessarily stop you from being able to support Community Vision, but they will be taken into consideration in agreeing to your suitability as an organiser.
• If you are acting on behalf on an organisation, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate approval for your fundraising event.
• You must not portray yourself as representing Community Vision, but rather fundraising on our behalf.
• Community Vision reserves the right to withdraw support for the fundraising event at any time if it appears there is a likelihood of the organiser breaching any of their responsibilities.